Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some catching up to do....

Wow.   I haven't blogged for quite a while.  I have been putting it off, because I feel that there hasn't been really anything "blogworthy" to blog about.  That's not to say that I haven't been doing anything.  Our summer has been fun so far.  Last weekend we went camping with Lee's side of the family for the Shumway family reunion.  Also, last Sunday Lee and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!  We were able to celebrate it on Monday.  We left the kiddos at home and we went to Boondocks and played like kids!  It was great!  I kicked Lee's butt in Laser Tag.  His score was 325 and mine was 1275!  Ya, I'm that good!  (It didn't help Lee that he was wearing a white shirt and tan khakis in a black lighted room!) 
Tyra had swimming lessons the past two weeks, and she has really enjoyed them!  She is getting so well at swimming! 
We have also been to splash pads, and the Payson Pool a few times and have had lots of picnics with friends and family.
I have started training a girl.  We are going to train to run the Onion Days 5k race.  My knee is still bugging me, and I am afraid I am going to have to lose my pride, and lose my worries about going to the doctors (kinda scared of doctors) and figure out what is going on with my knee so that I can run this race in September. 
I also got a new 'do and color.  I was trying to hard to grow out my hair, but my sister talked me into cutting it short again.  Telling me how good I look with short hair.  I also colored it, just for fun. 
This is the pic that I took in to my amazing stylist, Kara.

 And here are the results:

I think its a fun look.  Definitely nice for the summer.  What do you think?
Hope you all are having a fun summer!