Sunday, August 21, 2011

High school memory

I have been on the planning committee for my ten year high school reunion.  As I have been looking in the year book and thinking about fun memories from high school I thought that I would share my favorite memory.
Whenever people ask me what I did in high school, my reply was always, "nothing".  I didn't do dance or cheer, or sports, or music of any kind.  I was just "there".  I wasn't popular, but I wasn't a total nerd either.  I would say I was a partial nerd.  One class I did enjoy both my junior and senior year was my peer tutoring class.  In this class I got to work the special education class.  I did have a favorite person that I loved to work with, and he made a HUGE impact on my life. 
His name was Brandon.  During these two years, Brandon became one of my best friends.  He couldn't talk, but I understood him, and when I talked to him, I know that he could understand me.  During my peer tutor class both years, I got to do "P.E" with Brandon and a few others.  I say "P.E." because I either took them down to the track downstairs and played basketball with them, or if it was nice weather outside, we would go walk the track.  I also got to go on many fieldtrips and we went to the movies, Bean Museum and other fun places. 
I would get to school early every day (I am always early, lateness bugs me), and sit in the hall with my friends until class started.  Brandon would come sit with me every morning.  And during lunch, Brandon would find me ( I sat in the same spot every day so I wasn't hard to find) and sit with me during lunch too.  I enjoyed having his company.  I kind of liked knowing where he was, and knowing that the people I was with would treat him kindly, than not knowing where he was, and wondering what others were trying to teach him that day.  People like that made me so mad in high school.  Taking advantage of Brandon and the others and teaching them to do inappropriate things just for their entertainment.  So, I was totally fine having Brandon sit next to me and want to visit with me. 
One time me and another peer tutor had taken Brandon and a few others to the downstairs track to play some basketball.  Well, the other peer tutor (who was a male) was just having fun and threw the basketball at me, missing on purpose but getting close enough.  Brandon was MAD.  He went up to this peer and was ready to throw a punch at him!  Brandon then looked at me, and I could read in his eyes, saying, "are you okay?"  I assured Brandon that I was, and that he was only playing with me.  From then on, I knew that I had made an impact on Brandon.
I have been out of high school for ten years, and every once in a while I will run into Brandon, usually at the store.  It makes me so happy that he still remembers who I am.  His nickname for me was "Crazy Driver" which he signs everytime he sees me. 
So, I may have thought I was a nobody in high school because I wasn't popular and I wasn't in any groups or clubs, but I did make an impact on someone's life while there. 

Whether you went to school with me or not, share with me your favorite high school memory.  I would love to hear it!