Saturday, April 2, 2011


I know its the moment you have all been waiting for........ The winner of the 12 week contest is Marshall!!!! Marshall's weight gaining story goes like this: He met, fell in love with and married a beautiful woman who knows how to cook, I mean she really knows how to cook. You should check out her recipes on her blog that she posts, YUMMY! He also started going to school full time while working full time doing the grave yard shift, and he did this for two years straight!! Definitely no time for working out. He knew he needed to get into shape and lose the weight. I announced on facebook that I was going to do this contest, and Marshall wrote me and told me he wanted to do this. He already had planned his workouts, and meals to eat, he just needed that extra motivation, and someone to check in on him weekly (I am sure my weekly e-mails got annoying!). For the 12 weeks of the contest Marshall did P90X. He ate healthy meals (which his wife cooks, she also wanting to eat more healthy and provide healthy meals for their family), he also hit some plateaus along the way, where he figured out the exact amount of calories that he needed to take in, stayed on track and every week he lost weight. Starting weight: 209 Ending weight: 187! He lost a total of 22 pounds, 10.5% of his body weight. He also lost 7 inches of fat off of his body! So incredible!! Marshall is also the only person I know that has fully completed P90X. His next project is to take on Insanity (YAY!) I am so proud of him! I also am proud of the other contestants who participated. One contestant is doing her first triathalon today! I am so proud of her for it, and I know that she will do a great job!! I can't wait to hear from her later today! I want to thank everyone for participating. I am glad to have gotten to know each person, and build friendships out of this! Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Insanity Phase 1

I have completed Phase 1 of the Insanity workout! Over the past four weeks of doing this workout, the change I have noticed most is in my legs. I don't think there is much fat on them anymore. They are super tight and pretty toned! :) I also have pretty good muscles on my shoulders, probably from doing so many push ups! On Monday I start Phase 2, and I am so scared! This week has been my recovery week, but I haven't been able to really recover. I am sick. :( I hope it passes soon, because I don't have time to be sick. Who does, really? Also, today is the last day of my contest that I started 12 weeks ago! I can't wait to get the results tomorrow and then I will announce the winner!! I am so excited!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking back......How Lee and I met

I have decided to blog about my life starting from when I met Lee up until the present. More for me to help keep the memories alive, than for the readers, but I think its fun to learn how others have met and things that have happened in their life. If you want to hear about our love story, read on....if not, you may leave the page! :) How Lee and I met (my version): Lee and I lived in the Remington Apartments Complex in Orem, across the street from UVU. We met the first week in May of 2003. The first time I saw Lee is when he and his roommate, Shawn, knocked on my apartment door trying to gather everyone together to go play kickball for a ward activity. Lee was wearing a red shirt, and a red visor with his dark hair spiked up, and he had piercing green eyes. I thought to myself, "who is this guy, he is gorgeous!" I declined to go play, not wanting to make a fool out of myself in front of him, because I don't play sports well. The following Sunday I had gone to church that morning by myself because my roomies had slept in and were running late. I was sitting by myself when Lee asked if he could sit with me. We sat together and talked a little bit, we couldn't talk much because we were in church. When church was over Lee invited me to his house for lunch. Of course I said yes. He came and got me and we walked over to his apartment. Lee and Shawn (also known as Brink) had made spaghetti for lunch. We ate lunch and told each other a little about ourselves. After lunch he told me about his mission, and showed me pictures from the mission. Afterwards, we went for a ride to the Provo temple. We walked around the temple and then sat on the grass and talked some more. I was twitterpated with Lee, and I knew that day that he was the guy that I was going to marry. Lee's side of the story: Everything happens for a reason, meeting Natalie was not an accident. School was finishing for me at Snow College. My old mission companion begged me to come live with him in Orem. I told him to get me a job, then I might consider it. Living in the big city is what I was concerned with. I decided to move up to Orem and live with him in the Remington Apartments. Moving to Orem I had no desire to date girls, or get married. I wanted to work for the summer, and then go back to school. Natalie seemed to change all of that once I saw her. The first time I saw Natalie was at our ward prayer night. Natalie was sitting on the floor by the T.V. She was very quiet. I don't think Natalie noticed me at this time(I wasn't wearing my red shirt). My first impression of Natalie was a girl that was hot and had her life under control. I knew if I ever were to consider dating her that it would require me to put in some effort( a red shirt). A couple of days passed, and Brink and I wanted to play kick ball. So we went door to door at the apartments gathering people. We seemed to gather only the losers. We knocked on Natalie's door and she was in her kitchen with a BOY. My heart was crushed!! Lee had no chance. But he did look like a wiener. So I was not too worried. I asked Natalie to come play kick ball...I was denied, she said no. I thought she wasn't interested in me( I was unaware of her athletic ability). Ok, by this time I thought she was hot but not attainable. Plus I was not dating girls, remember. I gave up my pursuit, and went on with my life. Things happen for a reason. One Sunday morning Brink and I were running late for church. I was ready, he was still dragging his feet. So I left him. When I got to the church, they had all of us in the Relief society room for Sacrament. Now this room was crowded. There was some empty seats, but they were random. I surveyed the room looking for two seats, so I could save one for Brink. I saw a couple of empty seats, then I saw the love of my life sitting by herself half way up the room. So I decided to make the move and sit by her. I have to admit I was a little nervous. Sitting by Natalie I learned that she was a very nice girl, and very friendly. It was very easy to talk to her. On this Sunday I was lucky, because we stayed in that room for Sunday School. I spent the next two hours talking and flirting with Natalie. I loved her. She was amazing. Natalie brought a light in my life that I never wanted to leave. As the class was coming to an end I knew that I needed to figure out a way to continue this moment that I was having. I decided to invite Natalie over for lunch (she said later that a boy has never made her lunch before). So, the first day of the rest of my life began. After we ate lunch I shared with her my missionary pictures. Then we decided to go for a walk at the Temple. When we were on the Temple grounds, the Spirit was overwhelming, and I was told that Natalie was my wife. Of course I didn't tell her that at the moment. We spent the afternoon laying on the grass making bird nests. Going to bed that night I told Brink that I was going to marry Natalie. He told me that I was crazy. Within a week I told Natalie that I was going to marry her. I fell in Love with Natalie from the first day I met her. My love for her continues to grow each day. Every moment I have with her I treasure. To those moment when I sang to her in the park, to the birth of our beautiful girls, Natalie will always be my girl, and I will always be grateful for being directed into her life. I will grow old with this girl.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 30

Wow! 30 days goes by fast! Something I have learned about myself in the past 30 days: I learned that I need to have goals of things I want to do before I die. That was probably my hardest post. I honestly had no idea what kind of things I wanted to do. I still need to learn to open up a little more. On some of those posts I kind of skipped, feeling that no one needed to know what I was feeling. I need to clean out my ipod because the songs that were my first ten on the shuffle were songs that I haven't listened to in a long time. I guess that's about all that I have learned. Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!