Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Supplements are an important part of being healthy. A daily multivitamin is essential. I am not sure which one is best out there to take. I have tried a few, that seem to work well. One that I tried that I did not like was One a Day Active Woman. It made me shaky throughout the entire day, and I felt funny when I took it. A couple of years ago I tried selling Herbalife products, which I was unsuccessful at, but I still have all the products, so I have been taking those vitamins for a while now. If any of you have any suggestions of a good vitamin out there please post a comment. I also like taking a Fish Oil vitamin. It helps provide those fatty omega 3's. I don't take any fat burners. I know people that like to take them, and if you take one I would like to know which one and why.
Just remember to take your supplements to be as healthy as possible!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Workout Program with hand weights

This is a workout program that I made up over the summer, and I had my sister and some friends over at my house doing this with me. If you don't know how to do some of the moves, go to youtube.com and type in the name of the exercise and I am sure you will find oodles of videos on how to do the workout. Let me know what you think of this workout. Do the workout every other day.

Upper Body:
Push-ups: 8-12 reps
Bicep curls: 8-12 reps
Bent over row: 8-12 reps
Swimmers Press: 8-12 reps
Tricep kickbacks: 8-12 reps
Dead lifts: 8-12 reps

Crunches: 10-12 reps
Bicycle crunches: 10-12 reps
Vertical leg crunches: 10-12 reps
Plank: Hold for 45-60 seconds
back extensions: 5 reps-hold each rep for 5 seconds

Lower Body:
Lunge/squat: 3 reps; What you you do is with right leg lunge forward. Step together and do 3 squats, then lunge forward with the left leg. Turn around and repeat the exercise. That will be one rep. Do this 3 times.
Wide Stance squat: 10-12 reps
Calf raises: 15 reps

Good luck, and let me know if you try it and if you like it!

Week 2 results

Here are my results for week 2:
Weight: 115.6 lbs
Waist: 28.5 in.
Hips: 34 in.
I lost one pound and half an inch off of my hips. I still haven't lost anything off of my waist, probably because I didn't get the workouts in last week. But thats okay, I am back to the weight that I was four months ago before I gained the four pounds, which means it took me only two weeks to lose what I gained in four months!

I can't wait to hear everyone's results for the week!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New jeans and boots!

I went shopping on Saturday wanting some new boots. While there I tried on a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my boots. I have always been afraid of wearing skinny jeans, because I think my thighs are too big to be able to pull off the "skinny jean" look. Well I tried on a size 3 and they were too big. So I tried on a size 1 and they fit perfectly!!!! I have never been a size 1 and all day yesterday I was on a high because of it! So, of course I had to buy the jeans and I bought the boots to go with it. Let me know if you think I can pull off the "skinny jean" look.

The End of Week 2

I am hoping you all had a good week. My week wasn't the greatest. I did well on eating healthy. I did get the munchies more this week, but I made sure that I munched on healthy food. On Friday night I went out with some friends and I ate salad from the salad bar, but I did up end eating two white rolls with my dinner. I was very proud of myself for staying away from the dessert bar, even when I saw this delicious oreo, chocolate mousse, whipped cream dessert that looked absolutely delicious!! I was strong and I reminded myself of my four week goal and walked right past that dessert. I even watched my friends indulge in that delicious dessert, and I didn't budge! Way to go me!!
Exercise wise, I did not do well at all. I only exercised on Monday morning. My exercise partner was sick the rest of the week, and my throat is still sore so I used that as an excuse not to exercise. On Tuesday and Wednesday I did play the game Just Dance on the Wii with my daughter and her friend for 30 min, so I did get in a little cardio there but not what I am used to.
Starting tomorrow, my husband and I are doing the Insanity workouts for the abs. I will let you know how that goes. I am a little afraid!
My menu for the next week is not really planned out this time. As I was trying to make my menu for next week nothing really sounded very good. So, sad to say, I don't have one to post for you all. These are my ideas that I have for dinners for the week: Chicken (3 oz) and brown rice (1/2 c) covered with Salsa (1/4 c.) with a side of steamed veggies; Chicken stir fry where I just use frozen stir fry veggies, chicken, and stir fry sauce and put it all over brown rice; chicken tacos made with whole wheat tortillas, mozz cheese (no more than 2 TB), tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, salsa, and fat free sour cream; Salmon Salad, which I posted as a meal in the first week with the recipe there; and the 2 bean chili, which I posted as a meal in the second week with a recipe there. I hope that helps you all out some. I sometimes get in funks where food doesn't sound good and I don't feel like making a menu because of it. But, I notice I eat better when I have a menu all planned out for the week. It helps me to stay focused and on track. If any of you have any meal plans or menus for the week feel free to post them. Its always nice to try new healthy recipes! I will post a workout plan for you if you are interested, to make up for my lack of a meal plan for the week! :)
Remember to check in with me tomorrow for your second week results! Can't wait to hear from all of you!