Thursday, September 22, 2011

High School Reunion, and some firsts!

Remember how I was helping plan my 10 year high school reunion?  Well, it came, and went and it was AWESOME!  Or, at least I think it was.  Everything turned out perfectly.  Many people showed up and we all had a great time, talking and reminiscing about high school.  
Here are a few pics from the reunion:
 Everyone who came
 The masterminds behind the reunion: Blake Ballard, Amanda Cingolani, and myself
Me, Jessie, Rachel and Heidi

Now, onto my firsts:
On Labor Day I ran my first 5k!  I wish I ran it faster, but I did it, I completed it, and that is all that matters!!  :)
Here are some pics from the 5k:

Yay!  Stefani and I completed our first 5k!

Also, on Labor Day, I got to ride in the parade for my first time ever, and I got to ride on a fire truck for my first time!  I was in the parade for our high school class.  We had lots of fun, and we stopped the truck every time someone on the truck would see someone from our class.  We would call them out from the crowd and have them get on the truck with us!  Lol!  It was fun!
And here are some pics from the parade:
 Me, waiting for the parade to start
My BFF Jessie 

Riding on the truck!