Friday, January 28, 2011

New Goals

I have decided to not have a specific weight, for my goal. My goal is that I just want the belly fat gone. It is so hard for me to lose this area, and I am determined to have it gone by summer.

It is also my ten year high school reunion this year. I am excited to say that my friend and myself have taken it upon us to plan it! I am very excited for this! I am also hoping that it helps me overcome my shyness and anxieties. I need to stick to my goals so that I can look awesome at my reunion! Lol!

I am a little nervous to plan this reunion. You know when you are looking through your yearbooks and you don't remember people. I think, or at least I feel, like I am one of those people. I was a nobody in high school. I wasn't in any clubs, or did dance, or any of that stuff. Thoughts are going through my head, with people wondering who the heck is she, and why is she planning our reunion. I am going to try my best to push those thoughts aside, and plan a great reunion that hopefully everyone will enjoy!


A little bit of venting

If you don't want to hear me vent, I suggest you don't read this post.
Do you ever wish that you were a stronger person? Do you ever wish that what people said or thought about you didn't matter?
I wish these thoughts all the time. I am so mad that I let people get to me this week and totally throw my focus off track. All I wanted was to make those people proud of me for the things that I am doing, and have accomplished, and instead they attacked me. And what has happened after the attacks? I have let myself fall into the depression that I have been out of for so long. I felt like everything I have accomplished didn't matter. My self-esteem issues that I constantly struggle with plummeted and crashed. I felt that I have not inspired anyone, and that everyone thinks I am a fraud, and am not doing things the healthy way.
How did I deal with all this? The same way I always do: I ate, and I ate a lot! I let all those words get to me. I let the depression take over. And now how do I feel about all of it? I feel guilty, and sick. The rest of the weekend is going to be healthy food only. I also am going to get over those words and get back on track.
I would like to say for the record though, that everything I post here or on facebook about my workouts and my eating habits are healthy. I don't live on the elliptical all day long. I usually only get in a 30 min workout a day. I don't only eat lettuce. I do drink at least one sometimes two protein shakes a day, but they are not my only source of food, also protein shakes are healthy for you. I do eat, and I eat a lot. I eat more than anyone I know. It just healthy food that I eat. I do post my meal plans on here, so many of you can see that I eat at least 5 times a day. I am not starving myself.
I am sorry if I have ever mislead anyone, or made anyone think that I have become obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. I am not obsessed. I am wanting to live a healthy lifestyle so that I can be around for many years, and not have health problems when I am older. If I sound defensive about these things, its because I was attacked and its our human nature to defend ourselves, especially when you are being told things that are not true.

Thank you for letting me vent, and getting those things off my chest. I must admit that I feel a lot better now. I don't vent very often, but when I do, sometimes its like a volcano and it just spills out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal and workout plans for the week

So here are my meal plans for the week. I plan on eating the same food every day this week, so it is going to be a little boring. I also choose the meal plan out of ingredients that I already have in my house because my grocery budget is pretty much spent.
Breakfast: Strawberry Ice Cream: 1/2 c. water, 1/3 c. oats, 4 frozen strawberries (whole), 1 scoop protein powder. Blend and add ice to thicken, I like my shakes pretty thick so I add about 4-5 ice cubes.
Lunch: Berry Smooth: Look at previous posts for the recipe for this, very similar to the Strawberry Ice Cream
Snack: Veggies and Dip: Look at previous posts for the recipe
Dinner: Salmon Salad: Look at previous posts for recipe
Dessert: Grape Delight: Look at previous posts for recipe
These are a few swap outs that I might exchange through out the week if I get bored with these meals
Breakfast: Cinnamon Eggs: 2-3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, cinnamon. Whisk eggs and cinnamon together and pour into a large skillet. Cover and let cook til eggs are cooked on the top. Flip and cook the other side for a min. Serve with 2 TB sugar free syrup. They are kind of like a big pancake or crepe. These are delicious!
Lunch: soup and sammy: look at previous posts for recipe
Snack: Fruit n' cheese: 2 string cheese, and 1 apple
Dinner: two bean chili: Look at previous posts for recipe

This is also going to be my workout schedule. Its going to be a bit crazy, but I gotta make up for lost time!
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Yoga; Biggest Loser Last Chance workout DVD, cardio section; Insanity Abs DVD
Tuesday, Thursday: 25 min cardio on the elliptical machine; Biggest Loser Last Chance workout DVD, strength training section; Insanity Abs DVD
Saturday: Insanity DVD workout; Insanity Abs DVD

Week 3 results

Boy oh Boy is all I have to say about last week. So many obstacles got in my way (including strep throat, and friendship losses to name a few) and I surrendered to them and let my eating get WAY out of control! I am a food addict, and can't seem to control myself once I get started on eating unhealthy. I am not perfect, and one bad week isn't going to get in my way of my goals. This week, I just need to push harder and make sure I stick to the workout schedule and eating schedule.
I found out the hard way this week, that when I don't have a meal plan like I did the first two weeks, I don't do well. I need to keep doing meal plans so that I have some structure. So, later today I will be posting my meal plans for this week, as soon as I get one made up. I can tell you that it will mostly be salads and protein shakes, to make up for all the calories that I took in last week. I also did not drink very much water through out the days last week. Water is so important for our health, but I struggled with it. This week, I plan on doing so much better!
Here are my results for the last week:
Weight:116.6 (gained a pound, BOO!)
Waist: 29 (yep gained again)
Hips: 34

I am not surprised by these results, but I am not going to let them get me down either. I will strive to do harder this week, and I will have much better results next week!!