Saturday, April 2, 2011


I know its the moment you have all been waiting for........ The winner of the 12 week contest is Marshall!!!! Marshall's weight gaining story goes like this: He met, fell in love with and married a beautiful woman who knows how to cook, I mean she really knows how to cook. You should check out her recipes on her blog that she posts, YUMMY! He also started going to school full time while working full time doing the grave yard shift, and he did this for two years straight!! Definitely no time for working out. He knew he needed to get into shape and lose the weight. I announced on facebook that I was going to do this contest, and Marshall wrote me and told me he wanted to do this. He already had planned his workouts, and meals to eat, he just needed that extra motivation, and someone to check in on him weekly (I am sure my weekly e-mails got annoying!). For the 12 weeks of the contest Marshall did P90X. He ate healthy meals (which his wife cooks, she also wanting to eat more healthy and provide healthy meals for their family), he also hit some plateaus along the way, where he figured out the exact amount of calories that he needed to take in, stayed on track and every week he lost weight. Starting weight: 209 Ending weight: 187! He lost a total of 22 pounds, 10.5% of his body weight. He also lost 7 inches of fat off of his body! So incredible!! Marshall is also the only person I know that has fully completed P90X. His next project is to take on Insanity (YAY!) I am so proud of him! I also am proud of the other contestants who participated. One contestant is doing her first triathalon today! I am so proud of her for it, and I know that she will do a great job!! I can't wait to hear from her later today! I want to thank everyone for participating. I am glad to have gotten to know each person, and build friendships out of this! Thanks everyone!!

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