Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family pics

Remember my post about getting family pictures done?  Well they are done, and I have a preview of what some of them look like.  I will share them with you.  Although, I must admit, I am not quite sure how happy I am with how I look.  I critique myself too much in pictures!  Oh well.  Here they are.  ENJOY!
 I love this pic of the girls! I seriously have the cutest kids on the EARTH! 

 The whole fam damily
 My GORGEOUS husband!
 I love this pic of Tyra

 Me, doing a "Tyra Pose" Lol!
Paisley has got some attitude!

And there is a preview of our family pics, taken by Keele Photography.  It was really hard that night getting Paisley to cooperate, so I am hoping we got some good ones of her.  I will get the cd of the pics from our photographer later on this week. 
Thanks for stopping by and admiring my beautiful family!

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