Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am stealing this from two of my friends' blogs. Enjoy!
A: Age-27
B:Bed size-Queen
C: Chore you hate-sweeping and mopping
D: Dogs-a peke-a-pom named Lulu and an American Bulldog/Black lab named Niner
E: Essential start to your day-exercise
F: Favorite color-brown, pink, and blue
G: Gold or silver-Silver
H: Height- 5'5
I: Instrument you play-does the guitar on the wii count? I took piano lessons a long, long time ago
J: Job Title: mom and a Host Home Parent
K: Kids-Two daughters ages 5 and 21 mos.
L: Lives- in Payson, UT
M: Mother's name- Carolyn
N: Nicknames: My friends called me Nat Brat, Nat-me, Bones, Boney-man, Nat
O: Overnight hospital stay-only when I had my daughthers
P: Pet Peeve- People that are late, flaky people
Q: Quote from a movie- "Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go out and do something like this, and TOTALLY redeem yourself!" Dumb and Dumber
R: Right or left handed-Right
S: Siblings- I'm the oldest, then I have a 26 yr old brother, a 23 yr old sister and a 17 yr old brother
T: Time you wake up- 5:00 am
U: Underwear
V: Vegetable you hate-squash
W: What makes you run late- In very extreme and rare cases of me being late its probably trying to get the kids ready.
X: Xrays I've had- None
Y: Yummy food I make: Ribs (I've been told they are better than Texas Roadhouse), desserts
Z: Zoo animal-Tigers

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