Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cont. from previous post

As I have been thinking about the previous post, I realized I sound pretty negative towards myself.  So, here are some positives that I have of myself, which I think would make me a great trainer/dietician:
  • I have many people telling me in person and on facebook that I inspire them
  • I have many people always asking me for workout routines, my opinion on different workouts, healthy recipe ideas, meal plans, etc.
  • I believe that people respect me and my opinions
  • People trust me
I think these are good qualities in a personal trainer.  I enjoy that friends and family come to me for help, questions, etc.  I like that they want to know what I think.  So, if my friends and family think I will do a great job, who's to say that others will think the same thing.  So, maybe I will get clients based off of these qualities, right? 

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