Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day

How did everyone's first day go yesterday? I am proud of myself. I stuck to my diet to the "T" yesterday, had a great workout and got in plenty of water!!
I was thinking of ways to help meet your goals. One thing that I am going to do to remind myself of my goals, is I am going to make a vision board. This vision board is going to have my before picture and then pics of what I want to accomplish, people that motivate me, and words that inspire me. Then I am going to hang it up in my kitchen so when I go in there to have a snack, I will see that vision board, and remember what I striving for and then I will either skip the snack or choose a healthy one. I suggest that you all do this. Or for those that work and have vending machines at work, maybe put your before pic in your wallet next to your money and then as you go for the money you will see the pic remember your goal and avoid the vending machine. :) I hope those are some helpful tips for you! I really think everyone should do the vision board. As soon as I am done with mine I will post of pic of it for you all to see.
Good luck today! And remember to eat healthy, get in a workout and drink plenty of water!!

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  1. Great Ideas, thanks. i have a vision board but i like the addition of the before picture. exspecially in the wallet idea and on the fridge. it's a great way to remind me. I appreciate it.