Monday, January 17, 2011

Workout Program with hand weights

This is a workout program that I made up over the summer, and I had my sister and some friends over at my house doing this with me. If you don't know how to do some of the moves, go to and type in the name of the exercise and I am sure you will find oodles of videos on how to do the workout. Let me know what you think of this workout. Do the workout every other day.

Upper Body:
Push-ups: 8-12 reps
Bicep curls: 8-12 reps
Bent over row: 8-12 reps
Swimmers Press: 8-12 reps
Tricep kickbacks: 8-12 reps
Dead lifts: 8-12 reps

Crunches: 10-12 reps
Bicycle crunches: 10-12 reps
Vertical leg crunches: 10-12 reps
Plank: Hold for 45-60 seconds
back extensions: 5 reps-hold each rep for 5 seconds

Lower Body:
Lunge/squat: 3 reps; What you you do is with right leg lunge forward. Step together and do 3 squats, then lunge forward with the left leg. Turn around and repeat the exercise. That will be one rep. Do this 3 times.
Wide Stance squat: 10-12 reps
Calf raises: 15 reps

Good luck, and let me know if you try it and if you like it!

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