Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 10

A day in the life of Natalie:
1:45 am- Paisley wakes up, and I rub her forehead until she falls back asleep.
2:20 am-I crawl back into my bed
2:30 am-Paisley wakes up again
2:45 am-I crawl back into bed again
5:00 am-alarm goes off and I get up for the day, check out facebook, clean up the familyroom, and get ready for my workout.
6:00am-Insanity workout with my friend, Wendy
7:00 am-Make Adam's lunch, get his meds sorted for the week, make breakfast for myself and the kids, clean the kitchen
8:00 am-Get Adam ready for work, make his breakfast, get him loaded on his transport van. Makadee arrives. I dress the girls and do their hair. Read a book to Paisley.
9:00 am-go to the bank and put gas in the Durango
9:15 am-11:30 am-shower, dress, dry hair, straighten hair, do make up and send out a few e-mails.
11:30 am-lunchtime
12:00 pm-go to the store
12:45 pm- make bread dough in bread maker
1:00 pm-Put Paisley down for a nap, turn on a movie for quiet time for Ty and Kadee, I read a book. Kadee leaves.
2:00 pm-finish making the bread
2:15 pm-work on things for the class reunion
3:00 pm-Quiet time over, get Adam off the transport bus, made a snack for the kids
3:30 pm-Played Just Dance on the Wii with the kids
4:00 pm-Planned lesson for FHE, read a story to the kids.
5:00 pm-Lee came home from work, I took Adam to the bank and to get his prescription.
5:30 pm-made dinner, ate dinner, and cleaned up dinner
6:30 pm-Surprise visit from Lee's parents! We had a nice visit with them and the kids were so excited to see them!
7:30 pm-Ate a piece of cake with the family
7:45 pm-bathed the girls
8:00 pm-put the girls to bed, got Adam ready for bed. Relaxing from the day, watching some TV.
9:00 pm-typing this blog post :)
10:00 pm-I will be going to bed.
And that my friends is how my day was today. Not too exciting, but what do you expect for a stay at home mom? :)

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