Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 13

My top five celeb hotties. This was a hard choice for me, I crush on a lot of celebrities. :) So here they are: 5. Brad Paisley-Country Singer Hottie!!
4. Ian Somerhalder-I would let this Vampire Diaries Hottie take a bite of out my neck anytime! :)

3. Will Smith-I have loved him for a long time. How could you not??

2. Matthew McConaughey-I think he is gorgeous! He has a nice body, great smile and beautiful eyes!! I have been crushing on this guy since high school!

1. Johnny Depp-my number 1 celeb crush! I LOVE him! I love his eyes, his smile, his hair, everything!!
And there you have my top five celebrity hotties!!

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