Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 23

The last time I cried:
I am actually having trouble remembering the last time that I cried, which is odd. I cry all the time. But lately I haven't. The last time that I can think of, wasn't even a good cry, just a few tears ran down my face while I was watching a movie. Now, don't laugh when I say what movie. Well, okay, you can laugh, because Lee still makes fun of me for it. So, a few weeks ago Lee and I were watching The Spy Next Door ( You are laughing, aren't you?). A few tears ran down my face because it was sad that the mom wouldn't let the kids see Jackie Chan anymore, and they had just started building a relationship with him. I don't know why I cried, but I did.
The last time I had a good cry, I can't even remember when. Maybe back in February sometime. I am sure I had a good meltdown sometime during that month. Not even sure what it was about. Probably something to do with my kids, and how hard it is some days to be a mom. I don't know though. I am actually surprised though that I don't have a recent one. I guess that is a good sign, right?

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