Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 24

The Last Random Act of Kindness I Encountered:
This happened last week. I had a long week last week, dealing with sick kids. My best friend came and kidnapped me on Wednesday night, after having told her that Paisley had croup and a double ear infection, and she took me out for ice cream and bought me a shake. This friend of mine is always doing random acts of kindness for everyone she comes in contact with. She is such an inspiration to me. I try to be more like her.
Another act of kindness (it wasn't random) came from my brother-in-law. I had found Insanity online for a cheap price and wanted to buy it. I was scared going by myself because for all I knew it was a crazy person selling it and would hurt me. So, I asked my b-i-l if he could go with me. He was very willing, even though he had to leave work for a little bit. I felt so much better having him there with me when we picked up the DVDs.

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