Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Honeymoon

Lee and I had a great honeymoon. Lee's dad planned and paid for our honeymoon. We were so very grateful for that. He gave us an itinerary and we were on our way. We left on a Monday and came back on Friday. Our first night we camped at Lake Medicine in the La Sal Mountains. I remember I was so scared that night because Lee would tell me stories about when he would camp there as a kid and bears would come into the campground. I am scared of bears. I couldn't sleep at all that night because every little sound I heard I thought it was a bear. Good times! Lol. The next night we spent at a bed and breakfast in the La Sal mountains that a friend of Lee's family owns. Then we went on to Silverton, CO. We rode the train from Durango to Silverton. It was my first train ride. When we got to Silverton, we spent the day walking around discovering the town. We stayed in this old fashioned hotel. We finally got hungry around 8:00 pm at night, only to find out that the entire town shuts down at like 6:00 pm. All the restaurants were closed, even the one in the hotel. And this hotel didn't have vending machines or anything. We were starving. We still laugh about this night to this day. We went to bed early, just so that morning would come sooner so that we could eat. Lol. The next day we ate, walked around Silverton a little more and took the train back to Durango. We stayed in Durango that night in a KOA cabin. The next day we headed for Moab. We stayed the night at a hotel. We headed back home the next day. Remembering all these things is so hard. I don't remember much about our honeymoon at all. I know that we had fun, and being together was wonderful, and that is all that really matters! :)

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