Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Insanity-Phase 2

OUCH!!!! I have started the second phase of insanity, and "ouch" is all I can say! I am so sore!! The workouts are hard and fast, and I am using muscles that apparently I haven't used in a while because they are sore. When I did the first four weeks of Insanity, I was never sore. The workouts were hard, but afterwards I had energy throughout the day and I felt fine. I am in my second day of the second phase and I can hardly walk because my bum hurts, and I could barely lift my arms to do my hair and make-up because they hurt. Everything hurts. Its a good hurt, don't get me wrong, but I am definitely feeling the workout this go around. I do still have lots of energy to get me through the day, which is a must-need to chase around Paisley and Tyra. All I can say is Insanity is definitely my workout program of choice from now on. I have never experienced this type of workout, but I am loving every minute of it!! I just hope I can move my body tomorrow so I can continue this workout!!

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