Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3 results

Boy oh Boy is all I have to say about last week. So many obstacles got in my way (including strep throat, and friendship losses to name a few) and I surrendered to them and let my eating get WAY out of control! I am a food addict, and can't seem to control myself once I get started on eating unhealthy. I am not perfect, and one bad week isn't going to get in my way of my goals. This week, I just need to push harder and make sure I stick to the workout schedule and eating schedule.
I found out the hard way this week, that when I don't have a meal plan like I did the first two weeks, I don't do well. I need to keep doing meal plans so that I have some structure. So, later today I will be posting my meal plans for this week, as soon as I get one made up. I can tell you that it will mostly be salads and protein shakes, to make up for all the calories that I took in last week. I also did not drink very much water through out the days last week. Water is so important for our health, but I struggled with it. This week, I plan on doing so much better!
Here are my results for the last week:
Weight:116.6 (gained a pound, BOO!)
Waist: 29 (yep gained again)
Hips: 34

I am not surprised by these results, but I am not going to let them get me down either. I will strive to do harder this week, and I will have much better results next week!!

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  1. Sounds like we had a similiar week. I just kind of gave in to my temptations and got lazy on my end of week workouts. Let's be stronger this up coming week.